Tuesday, 11 February 2014

2013 to 2014 - Big Change

Remembering 2013

You may wonder how much one year can change a man, especially the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak. During Chinese New Year 2013, Najib played drum for the Chinese community in Malaysia. We suspected that he did not know how to play drum. It was just a fakish gesture. Nonetheless, it was a 'good' effort, wasn't it?  You can see it below.

Najib went further to appease the Penangites especially the Chinese community in Penang. He officiated a concert by the world famous Psy of South Korea in Penang during the Chinese New Year 2013. Low Taek Jho or more commonly known as Jho Low was rumored to have arranged and paid for the Psy concert on behalf of Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition in Malaysia. Jho Low used 1Malaysia Development Board Bhd (1MDB)'s money to pay for all the expenses of the Psy concert. 1MDB is a company wholly owned by Malaysian Government.

Jho Low is the head of 1MDB. He is famous for his wild-party lifestyle. Jho Low has since denied his involvement in Psy concert. He did have a meal with Psy after the concert in Penang. Psy was escorted by a Malaysian Police squadron to meet Jho Low in a restaurant called Daorae in Penang. You can read more about Jho Low's involvement here.

Fast Forward to 2014

As for Chinese New Year 2014, there is neither Najib the drummer in action, nor is there a Psy concert or visit. I tried to google for 'Najib Chinese New Year'. I only saw old pictures and videos of Najib in 2013. I could not find any specifically made video or photo of Najib wishing the Chinese community in Malaysia for 2014. An amazing 180 degree change of heart by Najib within 1 year when it comes to his 'love' for the Chinese community in Malaysia. A quick change of insincere heart or a real transformation to his character. What do you think?

I did find this video of Petronas wishing fellow Malaysians happy Chinese New Year in an advertisement titled "Young Hearts"". Depending on how to you see it, I personally have a distaste for this advertisement. You can disagree with me and I can be wrong. My personal view is that this video has an implied message of saying progress may not be important. Staying poor and use bicycle is a pride of keeping to tradition. A better standard of living is not what we should pursue. Keeping the poor lifestyles of 30-40 years ago is living young hearts. You can have your take by watching the advertisement below. Do you still want a young heart after watching this video?

I find the allegedly satirical ONEderful video clip of Teresa Kok in conjunction with horse year in this Chinese New Year more entertaining. You can disagree with me too. You can see the video below to form your own view. There is English subtitle for those who do not understand Chinese language and dialects.

In fact, Malaysian police has found the entertainment value of this video hard to bear. A few of the actors and actresses have been called by the police for further investigation. A small group of Malaysian community found that the sense of humor on horse year terrorizing. Humor is a part of the lighter side of civilization. Is civilization so hard to cope in Malaysia? This small group of Malaysian went on to slaughter a few chicken in public and threaten Teresa Kok with physical assault. Their exaggerated reaction was possibly a way for them to ease their nerves. Do you agree with this group of Malaysian?

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