Friday, 7 March 2014

Malaysians Need Help

One of the most talked about personality in Malaysia is Rosmah Mansor. Wife to the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak. Rosmah is immensely attention attracting in Malaysia. You wont miss her and the crowd certainly react to her presence. You can look at how she has become the centre of focus in a stadium when she appears:

She obviously caught plenty of her husband's attention. Najib talks a fair bit about her. The exact words of Najib are quoted below:

"I have never shared this before. When one of our students was arrested in Egypt after being accused of being a spy, my wife made a call to the president's wife and within two hours the student was released.
"Not just that, during Ops Pyramid, when our students were stranded in Egypt during the Arab uprising, my wife used her good relations with the royal family to allow the students to return home without visas.
"In a normal situation, this is impossible but with the relationship she has with the royal family, we managed to bring the students home.

"These were among my wife's contributions to the people of Malaysia,Najib said recently in December 2013.

Rosmah must be very worthy of mentioning for the Prime Minister of Malaysia to sing praises for her in public. Rosmah has also claimed to have done a lot for Malaysians. She went on record to say these:

"... the rakyat (people of Malaysia) have taken everything from me. Everything has been taken away from me, including my time, including my hobbies. I don't get to play badminton now because I am very busy doing things for the rakyat.

If that is still not right then I don't know what to say,” she said in her official public speech recently.

You can see Rosmah in action in the below video:

Malaysians are facing 2 very difficult situations now. They may need Rosmah to come to the rescue.

The Crisis Level Problems of Malaysians are:

1. Mosquitoes- Denggi and Malaria

The whole country seemes to have been infested by mosquitoes. Dengue fever is on the rise very rapidly. Deaths from dengue fever have nearly tripled in Malaysia this year compared to the same period in 2013. Malaysia dengue cases so far top 18,000, experts predict 60,000 cases for the whole year. Adding insult into injury, a new form of Malaria infecting human being is taking form in Malaysia. The country is now facing the mosquito transmitted diseases during a dry spell and not even a rainy season in Malaysia.

2. Dry spell- Lack of Water Supply and Haze

Malaysians are faced with lack of potable water supply and serious water rationing since the beginning of a dry spell about one month ago. It was still raining heavily before that. On top of insufficient water, the air in Malaysia is also severely polluted with haze. Haze level has exceeded unhealthy level in many places.

We know that Rosmah has 'Midas Touch' from the way Najib talks about her. It is time for Malaysians, especially Najib, to call upon Rosmah to exercise her magic now to help fellow Malaysians who are suffering.

Rosmah to the Rescue:

1. Mosquitoes- Denggi and Malaria

The problems with mosquitoes and mosquito transmitted diseases are human's doing. It is failure of our government to take adequate actions to tackle these problems. Perhaps, the people have a role to play but the government must initiate and lead the people. We must find and eliminate breeding grounds of mosquitoes be it in construction sites, schools, drainage system, commercial, housing and industrial areas.

Rosmah is known to be able to mobilize any cabinet ministers and senior civil servants when she wishes too. She could get the Malaysian Foreign Minister and Special Adviser to Prime Minister to go along with her in her overseas trip to Doha in Qatar, where she attended a fashion show. Now, Rosmah can certainly mobilize Health Ministers, Home Ministers, Defence Ministers, etc to help Malaysians to alleviate the suffering of our people from mosquito problems.

2. Dry spell- Lack of Water Supply and Haze

We can not expect Rosmah to exercise influence over weather and rain falls. She can however help us to resolve problems of water supply and haze. Being a tropical country, Malaysia is one of country with the most rain in the world. How can we be short of water supply just because there was just one month of dry spell? 

We can realistically say that we can not expect Rosmah to be able to call for rain for she is only human although some will disagree with me. Rosmah can however help us to pull politicians aside and coach the water treatment and distribution companies to get on with real work. Leakages in our distribution pipes and failure to ensure cleanliness of catchment areas are the main reasons for our lack of water supply to households. Building over-priced water transfer project and treatment facilities is short term 'relief' and not a long term answer.

Haze in Peninsular Malaysia usually happen between June to August where Malaysians would put the blame solely on Sumatra, Indonesia. It seemed that Malaysia was never at fault. Malaysian can not do the same this time around. The current northeasterly wind is not blowing any haze from Sumatra, unlike southwesterly wind. In fact, the current wind direction should be blowing haze from Peninsular Malaysia to Sumatra if at all. Malaysians must at least stop open burning and other polluting activities during this hazy period. 

Rosmah can ensure that the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment is working rather than talking. Department of Environment can be assisted by police and other government agencies to put a stop to all these irresponsible behaviors that are polluting the environment.

A Malaysian Dream?

Malaysians hope that Rosmah will hear them. Officiating events; launching fashion functions; and glamorous celebrations are just not sufficiently making use of Rosmah's talent. She can do much more for Malaysians. There are so much more to be done. The problems caused by mosquitoes and dry spell are published on the front page of the Sun newspaper. The Sun newspaper is owned by Rosmah's close friend, Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, a billionaire businessman associated with Najib and other Barisan National politicians. Perhaps Vincent Tan can help to convey the problems and the wish of Malaysians to Rosmah. 

It is a dream of many Malaysians that any problem with mosquitoes, dengue, malaria, water shortages and haze can be a thing of the past very soon. Malaysians need help.

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