Sunday, 1 June 2014

To Burn, To Destroy and To Fight

This is a good advice of prominent leaders, Muhyiddin Yassin and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister respectively in Malaysia from the ruling party, United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).

When you are 'angry and feel hurt' (Malay: kemarahan dan rasa terhiris), it is a 'natural course of reaction' (Malay: reaksi secara semulajadi) to do something bad against not only that person, who is deemed to have hurt you, but also to many others that are not involved.

This advice came after members of Umno reacted to a member of another political party, called Democratic Action Party (DAP), who said, "Umno Celaka". Celaka is a Malay word that primarily means unlucky, unfortunate, disaster. It can be seen as an obscene word or an insult, like "damn you". For instance, "wah so celaka lah - my car broke down yesterday" or "celaka you!".

The below were the reactions of the Umno members which were considered natural reaction:-

Reaction 1- To Burn:

Reaction 2- To Destroy:

Reaction 3- To Fight:

One would have thought that the natural course of reaction would have been to report the matter to the police or to pursue legal action against that DAP member or leader in courts of law. Anger, agitation and sorrow are no justification to commit arson, property damage and criminal assaut. There can be no law and order in a country where the people can react as they wish based on personal feeling. Umno should exhaust all legal means against that particular DAP member should what he has said be wrong. Is there still rule of law in Malaysia?

If Reaction 1, 2 and 3 above were all acceptable due to anger and feeling hurt, should the people who are angry or hurt by the following demonstration then retaliate in some form of 'to burn, to destroy and to fight'?

DAP CELAKA. No definition is found for Rasict

SIAL CINA. Sial means something like "stupid dumbass". Cina means Chinese

PUKIMAK DAP. Pukimak means "Mother's cunt or pussy"

Fortunately, there has been no untoward incidence caused by Chinese community or DAP as a result of the above remarks by Umno. There should be law and order in Malaysia. Nobody, be it from the ruling party or opposition party, should be allowed to do what he or she wishes based on personal feeling. Anger and sensitive feeling are not basis to take law into one's own hands.

More peculiarly, what has the Chinese community in Malaysia and the world has got to do with political party DAP? Can DAP as a party or all its members a whole be made a victim for a doing of an individual member?

It should be a natural reaction for Umno to take action against that particular DAP member, if so wish, and not against anybody else. I can only recall the ancient medieval times when the whole family members were punished or killed for a crime committed by one of them, matters not how distant the family relationship was. This surely cannot be the way of life of modern day civilized society in Malaysia. 

There has been more provocative racial remarks and irresponsible religious issues instigated in this country over the last 5 years than the last 30 years. It all happened since Najib took over as Malaysian Prime Minister. His government lost the majority popular vote but remained in power via gerrymandering, phantom voters and dubious electoral practices. One can not help but to wonder if Najib is resorting to use the excuse of racial tension and religious intolerant to stir up chaos in Malaysia. He can then implement martial law to remain in power for a long time.

His father was believed to have used racial unrest to take over the leadership of Umno and became a prime minister. Malaysians must see through the lies created to help Najib and his party in power and not believe in incidences deliberately incited by Umno. Malaysians must not allow Najib and his party to turn Malaysia into a Thailand 2.0.

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