Friday, 1 August 2014

Cheer or Cry for this Country?

Malaysia is a wonderful tropical country that has produced many world class talents and personalities. At the same time, Malaysia has produced some who can either be genius or idiot, depending on how you see it. The 'beauty' is really in the eyes of beholder.

All the Malaysians were still feeling the sorrow after losing badminton championship Thomas Cup to Japan in May earlier this year. Out of a sudden, Prof Dr Ridhuan Tee who was supposedly a learned person in Malaysia claimed that the Chinese ethnic Malaysian audience would have supported a Chinese player from China should the Chinese player be playing against a Malay ethnic Malaysian player.

Multiracial team winning Thomas Cup 1992
Misbun and Chong Wei

Malaysians of all races have been cheering and supporting Lee Chong Wei, Razif, Jalani, Misbun, Cheah Soon Kit, Rashid, etc for years if not all their lives, without taking into account their ethnicity. Many in Malaysia were wondering if Ridhuan was someone like Captain America who had just been revived from a frozen form. It is not my intention to demean Captain America's author. It is even suspected that Ridhuan must have consumed Dimensi 108, pills that make a person smart. You can certainly read many of this Prof Dr Ridhuan's irrelevant views that are really not worth being quoted here.

Malaysia has a another man called Abdullah Zaik who is the president of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) or Malaysian Muslim Solidarity. One would have thought that he would articulate on Islam and Muslim. No, he has not been at all. His 2 infamous claims were neither Islam nor religious:

  1. Chinese, Indian and other ethnicity in Malaysia must pay taxes but leave their welfare in the country to Malay leaders like Abdullah Zaik. A talk on taxes (money) clearly has nothing to do with Islam or Muslim. Money is a form of materialism.
  2. The Chinese ethnic people in Malaysia are intruders to the country. This claim on intrusion has nothing to do with Islam or Muslim. Intrusion is about national security.

In fact, he indirectly criticized the Malaysian Government, under the leadership of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), for failing to stop the intrusion of Chinese ethnic people for the last 50 years. He highlighted the weakness of UMNO that he is covertly trying to support. Abdullah Zaik was possibly not aware that these Chinese intruders held Malaysian citizenship and went to schools with Malay, Indian and other ethic groups for more than 50 years in Malaysia. The Barisan Nasional (BN) government, which is dominated by UMNO, must have been ineffective or blind not to have noticed this. Abdulah Zaik might have come back to life from another frozen form.

To laugh or to cry, there is Ibrahim Ali who is the president of PERKASA, a NGO pursuing Malay supremacy. He claimed to represent Malay and fight for their supremacy. However, Ibrahim Ali lost badly during the last general election in his very own constituency, Pasir Mas, which he was once a member of parliament. The Malay community in Pasir Mas clearly did not think that he was capable or suitable to represent them or any Malay. Ibrahim Ali has not done anything to advance the welfare of Malay community so far. Unsurprisingly, he has only been constantly insulting or bad-mouthing other ethic communities in Malaysia to the distaste of many Malays. Those comments did not advance the Malay community in anyway. 

Ibrahim Ali was once a member of parliament in Malaysia

It is amazing how these people can get maximum national media time for whatever they say. On closer observation, they have not done anything serious but said many things that hurt some other ethnic groups. The BN government is in full control of the media channels in Malaysia. One wonder if 1 or more leaders in UMNO are backing these people like Ridhuan Tee, Abdullah Zaik and Ibrahim Ali to advance their personal political gain as opposed to striving for the interest of Malay community.

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  1. Dats d kind dat forgets their roots, d ungrateful kind dat causes death to millions of indians during their struggles for independence