Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Umno's DOGic in the world of Do Nation

Umno (United Malays National Organisation) is the dominant party in the Malaysian government. Its president, Najib Razak, is a de-facto 'emperor' of Umno and almost effectively the 'emperor' of Malaysia.

When you see the above, you can only expect extremism from Umno and its president. Am I right? I may or may not have logic in my assertions but I certainly have 'DOGic' in what I say. Umno, or its president, always have DOGic when it wants to take an action. See the video below:

Muhyiddin Yassin used to be the deputy prime minister of Malaysia before he had a fall out with Najib Razak, the prime minister and got himself sacked. Muhyiddin is a known critic of Najib's alleged wrongdoings in taking 'RM2.6 billion of donations', and numerous other crimes allegedly committed by 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), which is incidentally the brainchild of Najib. Najib and 1MDB are subjects of international investigations, including in Switzerland, France, Singapore and possibly USA. Unsurprisingly, Najib and 1MDB have been repeatedly cleared of any misconduct in Malaysia.

Najib has been upset with Muhyiddin and wanted to suspend Muhyiddin from the post of Umno's deputy president, which is a democratically elected-post held by Muhyiddin. Najib prompted the supreme council of the party to meet and suspend Muhyiddin. Nazri Aziz, one of Umno's supreme council member came out with the usual DOGic to justify the suspension of Muhyiddin as you can see from the video above.

The only 'failing' of Muhyiddin was to bring the alleged criminal acts of Najib to the public when he could not get his message across internally within Umno. Muhyiddin was blamed by Nazri to 'have behaved like a dog' for criticizing the alleged criminal acts perpetrated by Najib, the party president.

It is pretty much a crime to speak up against your party president. There is no LOGic in a democratic environment to oppress against the critics. Well, the public perception is that there is no democracy in Umno. Muhyiddin has since been suspended. He is not the only victim in Umno who has suffered for speaking up. Perhaps there is no longer any LOGic in Umno, and what is left in Umno is just DOGic. As you can see, when one cannot LOGically justify his case, he 'pulls in the dog' and creates a DOGic.

Najib, as Umno president and Malaysian prime minister, can practically do what he likes and is not subject to any censure. Its truly a Do Nation or Donation, in short. Should it lack LOGic, there is always DOGic to depend on. It would not be illogical and definitely be DOGical to say that Najib is a de-facto 'emperor' of Umno and almost effectively the 'emperor' of Malaysia.

In the world of Umno, you resort to extremism and invoke DOGic when you lack fundamental justification. All these behaviours are plainly DOGical to Umno members.

In the DOGical world of Umno, the dogs will bite and the pigs may fly when you begin to argue...


  1. There is one common denominator among the Umno politicians, they are all multimillionaires. And the Malays, who should know better, allow this to happen. I just can't figure this out.

  2. the common malays on the street r being brainwashed by propaganda n fed with lies