Sunday, 1 November 2015


In a land that the government claimed to have achieved 'full employment' for decades; many foreign workers were imported due to tight labour market created by economic growth; many 'best in the world' stature including best education, best healthcare, democracy, etc. Yet, the front page of the local newspaper, the Sun, published the below shocking news.

72.2% of the undergraduates prefer to study overseas and not in the local higher institutions. They prefer to remain overseas and apply for Permanent Residence (PR) status upon completion of their studies, and not to return and work in their country.

By definition, undergraduates are the talents of a country, who are academically able to pursue tertiary studies in the universities. A country cannot progress without this human capital. We need these talents to contribute to the advancement of this country. Why have they given up on their own country?

It is shocking to see what has become of this land called Malaysia. No one in the government seemed to pay any attention to this shocking news. Is it because this does not involve any donation?

For every 4 talented Malaysians that you see, 3 of them prefer to migrate out of that country. I wrote this piece (I Just Want to Have A Better Place for My Children) on 17 May 2012. I subsequently shared the feeling of a friend in this article (I Do It for My Children) in 2014. Little did I know that almost 75% of parents in Malaysia might have shared our sentiment. Is this the new Malaysian Dream?

It looks like a reverse of whatever that should be desired by a nation.

Imagine 3 out of 4 children of a mother wish to leave her and may not be returning to her ever.
You cant say that she has taken good care of her children. She must have done something very wrong to push them away.

We know that leaving home is hard for these young undergraduates. Leaving home means that they are separating themselves from what they know best: their families, their friends, their familiar home and lifestyles.

The government of this country must have done something very wrong to push them away. Do you not agree?

I am speechless...

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The survey was conducted by Anderson Market Analytics over six months polled students from six local private varsities, four of which are locally-owned and two owned by foreign universities.

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  1. Call a spade, a spade. If you live in a country that does not recognize your worth, your talent and in many cases your life, would you not migrate; you must have rocks in your head.? I would encourage all non muslims to migrate to a kafir country if an opportunity arises. You see, fellows, they are now playing the hudud card and if they are not successful in this, they will bring out the blasphemy card ( the muslims are doing this in Indoland!) Ahok,an ethnic Chinese, governor of Jakarta, is being charged for blasphemy and he doesn't even know what that blasphemy is all about ? As far as I know, Blasphemy can be anything; not believing in Allah, an theist, or even a non devout muslim. When an opportunity comes along do migrate, you will never regret it.