Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Umno is all about 1PM ?

UMNO is the acronym or the initials of a political party called United Malay National Organisation in Malaysia. You would have thought that Umno was about uniting Malays or fighting for Malay ethnic. The unfolding of recent events in Umno showed that Umno was not really about Malays. Shocking as it may be, this is the truth. Why?

Umno is not about Malays. Why?

As an organisation oriented on Malay ethnic, you can least expect it to have a history of unjustifiably 'hurting' the Malays. You will be most surprised to look at the Malays who have been persecuted, victimised or even criminalised by Umno. Any Malay at any age can fall foul of Umno's iron fist. Just to mention a few below:

Adam Adli- Convicted for Sedition
Anwar Ibrahim- UN: Jailed without Fair Trial

Mat Sabu- Charged for Illegal Assembly, Criminal Defamation
National Laureate. Pak Samad- Ridiculed, Harassed

Zunar- Charged for Sedition
Nik Nazmi- Charged 3 Times for the Same Alleged Offence

Umno is not about Malaysia. Why?

1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a company wholly owned by Malaysian government, sold its energy assets, at a huge loss, to a Chinese company from mainland China, called China General Nuclear Power Corp.

  • 1MDB bought the energy assets at RM12.1 billion, plus assuming RM30 billion debts. Hence, the all inclusive cost was RM42.1 billion
  • 1MDB sold the energy assets at RM9.8 billion, plus releasing RM17 billion debts to the Chinese company. The all inclusive price was RM26.8 billion
  • The sale of the energy assets, Edra Global Energy Bhd, upon completion would represent an immediate all inclusive loss of RM15.3 billion

The ruling regime in Malaysian led by Umno cannot possibly be doing this sale of energy assets in the interest Malaysia. Umno government would rather introduce Goods and Services Tax (GST) that has burdened the people with higher living cost and inflation to collect additional RM20 billion from the people in 2015. It is on the contrary willing to give out, 3/4 of what it is expected to collect from the people, to this company from China.

It was funny that the same people antagonised the Chinese and branded them 'pig' and 'communist'. At the same time, Umno would incur a loss at the expense of the Malaysian people to appease the Chinese. Umno is more about China than Malaysia, isn't it?

Umno is not even about Umno. Why?

We once thought Umno was full of itself and it existed to fulfil the selfish interests of its elitists and members. In recent months, Umno has proven itself that it was not even about Umno any more. Look at what happened to the Umno leaders and members, who have been spoken out for the party in relation to several alleged wrongdoings by a party leader. 

Anina Saadudin- Sacked from Umno
Hamidah Osman- Sacked from Umno

Muhyiddin Yassin- Sacked from Deputy Prime Minister post
Shafie Apdal- Sacked from ministerial post
Khairuddin Abu Hassan- Sacked from Umno, Arrested and Rearrested

Mahathir Mohamad- Investigated by Police

What is Umno about?

Umno is now reduced to a party that is about protecting and safeguarding 1PM (Powerful Man). He is the most powerful man in Umno because he has the most cash to buy support. He is the Guinness World Record holder, as the only man on earth, who is made a billionaire by receiving 1 donation. No one else in the history of mankind has achieved this feat before. This is 1 amazing history made in Malaysia.

Umno members and leaders, on the other hand, are happy to support him as long as he constantly dishes out cash to them. Should you be wondering where does he get so much money to hand out in exchange for support, you can search: 1MDB Corruption Scandal. You will get an idea.

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  1. very true. what is the solution? gotta annihilate this hypocrite evil dumno then all will be well