Monday, 4 January 2016

Don't Let Umno Kill Democracy in Malaysia

United Malays National Organisation (Umno), the dominant ruling party in Malaysia, is incapable of practising democracy any more. You cannot expect Umno to practise democracy as a ruling party in Malaysia when itself can not practise democracy.

There is no democracy in Umno. Why?

With Najib Razak taking supreme power and authority as its president, you cannot have democracy in Umno. He delayed the party election for 18 months from June 2015 on the excuse of strengthening the party before the next general election in Malaysia. The fact was that the next general election (GE14) was only due 36 months later. That also meant he would delay Umno party election again for another 18 months before the GE14 on the basis of preparing for the next general election. In total, 2 postponements amount to at least 36 month delay.

It would have been understandable if the party election was only a few months away from the country's next general election. A postponement could be reasoned in that case.

Umno is supposed to have a party election every 3 years (or 36 months). Najib's double 18-month postponements would deprive Umno of one full 3-year term to elect its new leaders. Najib has effectively 'killed' democracy in Umno. Umno can not even practise democracy in its party. How to trust this party to practise democracy for the country?

Malaysia is now governed by a party that does not have a democratic election. That is a de facto North Korea, isn't it? Taking a cue from the death of democracy in Umno, Malaysians should expect new laws and regulations that will curtail or render an election meaningless in Malaysia. If the newly and hastily passed National Security Council (NSC) Act is anything to go by, Najib is determined to press on and push Malaysia into a 'no-election' country. The much anticipated general election, GE14 that is due in 2018, may not happen at all.

BN is the ruling government dominated by Umno; PR is the opposition coalition 

Looking at the chart above, you can perhaps guess why Najib does not want GE14 in 2018 to happen.

Is everyone in Umno happy? That does not seem to be the case. However, any member who speak up would be sacked or kept in cold-storage. A vocal Umno member was even arrested and prosecuted. Najib is simply not listening to Umno members.

Where is Najib's support base in Umno despite his brutality? Cash is King. That is what Najib believes in and is practising. He has been using money to buy support in Umno. Money has kept him in power. Najib has made it clear that he valued unquestioning loyal people over 'smart' people. Cash decides in Umno politics and not good policies or governance. In Umno, democracy is for sale.

If Malaysians want democracy, they can not allow a party that does not appreciate or exercise democracy to rule the country. Does that not tantamount to making Malaysia, a North Korea 2.0?

Lack of interest, apathy and indifference is not an option for Malaysians. Do not undernourish democracy. Do not let Umno 'kill' democracy in Malaysia. 

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  1. UMNO does not want democracy so that they can continue to be in power and fool the Malays.