Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Amazing Facts of Do Nation

To Be or Not To Be
Hudud or Not Hudud

The confusions in Malaysian politics are escalating. One may have to be a PhD holder to understand what is going on. More and more amazing facts are coming out from Malaysian political scenes on a daily basis. Yet, these are not even about 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) corruption and money laundry scandals.

Hadi Awang, President of Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), has been pushing for the implementation of Hudud laws in PAS controlled Kelantan state and Malaysia. His proposal and draft Hudud Bill was finally accepted and supported by United Malays National Organisation (Umno), the dominant party of the ruling coalition in Malaysia, Barisan Nasional (BN). Despite the support from Umno, Hadi withdrew his Hudud Bill for it to be re-tabled in the next parliamentary session to the amazement of many political pundits. Hadi wanted this Hudud Bill all his life. He practically lived to implement Hudud laws. Did he withdraw the Hudud Bill because he was playing to Najib's political agenda or his party was facing 2 by-elections? Perhaps, political expediency or even donation triumphed over principle. I call this Amazement 1.

Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia who is also the President of Umno and head of BN, surprised everyone else by saying that the Hudud Bill by Hadi was actually not about Hudud laws. That meant that Hadi had been lying to his party members and the people in Malaysia about the intention of his Hudud Bill. However, we did not see Hadi rebutting Najib. We know that Hadi has been supportive of Najib despite the fact that Najib is embroiled in numerous cases of alleged corruption especially in relation to 1MDB.  Hadi, as a person who firmly believe in Islamic laws and punishments, does not mind Najib's alleged corruption cases and covertly support him without questions. Amazement 2.

Noh Omar, an ex-minister of Najib's ministerial cabinet has come out to support the Najib's claim that Hadi's Hudud is not about Hudud laws. We do not see PAS leaders or members coming out to refute Najib or Noh Omar. They seem to take it lightly that their President is now accused of lying about his intention to implement Hudud laws. Do they actually care about Hadi? Does Hadi care about his reputation? No, they dont. Hadi could come out and support Najib's claim that his Hudud Bill after all was not about Hudud. PAS's Deputy President, Tuan Ibrahim even had the courage to admit that PAS had been lying for the past 40 year! Its an amazing political party, is it not? As a Malaysian friend of mine said," Hadi cuma main-main saja selama ini?". Amazement 3.

Liow, President of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) and Mah, President of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan), both opposed to the implementation of Hudud laws in Malaysia. Their parties are part of the ruling coalition, BN. They threatened to resign from ministerial posts should the Hudud Bill be supported by Umno. It was Azalina, a minister in Najib's ministerial cabinet, who had proposed for the Hudud Bill to be expedited. The proposal to expedite was allowed by another Umno appointed Speaker of Parliament. Evidence of Umno support has been overwhelming. Should Liow and Mah not have resigned by now? Why did they only threaten? Amazement 4.

The intention to accept Hudud laws has been clearly made by Umno. MCA and Gerakan should have withdrawn from BN. It is a principal disagreement between MCA and Gerakan against Umno. Resignation from ministerial cabinet can not serve any purpose of halting this Hudud law implementation. Despite their seemingly strong words, they are obviously not serious about stopping Hudud implementation. Amazement 5.

Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), another BN component party, has been silent on the Umno's acceptance of Hudud law implementation. Subramaniam, President of MIC, was 3 days late in voicing out his stance against Hudud laws although he also threatened to resign over this issue finally. Why 3 days late? He was apparently too busy with his party's internal matters including an extra-ordinary meeting (EGM). He could not be bothered to state his stance before his party EGM. He could wait for 3 days to announce an important party position against Hudud laws that he was willing to resign over it. Seriously? The same question is why only a threat to resign from ministerial cabinet? Only withdrawal from BN will serve the purpose of halting this Hudud law implementation. Amazement 6.

6 amazing facts within 4 days. Please do not try to reconcile them. The attempt itself may even make one crazy. One wonder how amazing can the political scenes in Malaysia get. This country is truly a Do Nation. You can Do anything you want if you are with Umno in this Nation. You can even get DoNation from Arabs. Truly a Do Nation!! 


  1. But Brother Anthony Loke supports hudud How? Hypocrite? Support when it is beneficial to you then condemn when it isn't. Totally unethical!
    Please watch :

    Then got the gall to write crappy hate articles like this one! Pathetic!

    1. Keep calm and write with reasons.

    2. Anthony Loke said not to be afraid of hudud does not mean he supports hudud. He knows this country majority are muslims and they will have no choice but one day hudud may be implemented. Even if he does not supports hudud, what can he do.