Friday, 1 July 2016

Bizarre Stories of Do Nation

The people in this country, called Malaysia or Do Nation, have endless possibilities to come out with bizarre stories. Do Nation is a country where 1 can do whatever he wants, as long as he hands out 'DoNation', preferably a large sum of unidentified donation.

There is now a RM12 million real donation amount which has gone unaccounted for. There were so many contradictory 'facts' presented by various authoritative personalities that one wonder if fact = fiction in Do Nation.

Fact 1

Southern Philippine based Abu Sayyaf terrorists (ASG- ASG is the abbreviation for Abu Sayyaf Group, popularly used in Philippine media), kidnapped 4 Malaysian hostages from Sarawak off the coast of Sabah in April 2016. A total of RM12 million was raised by the family members of the 4 hostages as ransom in exchange for the release of the hostages. RM9 million was donated by individuals, RM1 million came from the mortgage of a family's two houses and the remaining RM2 million from the shipping company that the four victims worked for.

The RM12 million was handled to 2 police Special Branch officers in Sandakan, Sabah on 24 May 2016. The officers collected the money from Hong Leong Bank in Sandakan and left the bank at about 6pm that day. The money was put in 12 metal boxes, each containing RM1 million, and the boxes were later taken by a lorry to the police department. The money was meant to be used as ransom money to release the 4 hostages held by Abu Sayyaf terrorists.
The 4 hostages were released on 7 June 2016. Yes, the Do Nation military or police did not work hard to rescue the hostages but were busy counting ransom money for terrorists.

Fact 2

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi confirmed that the RM12 million, raised by families of the victims and from the public which was handled over the the Malaysian police, was contributed to a body in the Philippines which assisted in an Islamic struggle. The body had no links to terrorists or criminals. He declined to name it or explain why the funds were channelled to the group.

At this stage, we can safely said that RM12 million was given to the Malaysian police and then paid to an Islamic body in Philippines. Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia was in charge of the police force.

Fact 3

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) in Malaysia, Khalid Abu Bakar had denied claim of the force receiving the ransom money, which he said was instead handed over directly to an unknown third party to help in negotiating for the release of the hostages. Khalid said the police only accompanied the family to Zamboanga City (Philippines) to meet the so-called ‘third party’.

“I don’t know. I do not want to know,” the IGP responsible for the police force added, when asked if police was aware who the recipients of the money were.

At this stage, the RM12 million was not given to the Malaysian police in Sandakan. The family members of victims whom did not fly to Philippines were apparently in Zamboanga City to negotiate for the release of hostages. That meant that the RM12 million was not donation, but ransom money after all, because the money was 'handed over directly to an unknown third party to help in negotiating for the release of the hostages'.

Yes, the Do Nation military or police was not busy with the rescue of hostages but were busy with 'bridging' payment of ransom money to terrorists.

Fact 4

ASG  who recently released four Malaysian sailors kidnapped off Sabah last April claimed to have been short-changed by RM3 million in their ransom payment.

The Manila Times quoted two “highly placed sources” in the Philippines government as saying that the ASG was angry that they had only received 100 million pesos (RM8.8 million) instead of about 130 million pesos (RM12 million) which was reportedly raised by the hostages’ families to secure their release. They were incensed after learning from news reports that the money was actually RM12 million, equivalent to P130 million but that only P100 million reached them.

“The question is, where did the missing money go?” the Manila Times quoted one of the senior officials as saying in Philippines.

At this stage, We know that about RM9 million was paid as ransom money to ASG. The remaining RM3 million went missing. The Malaysian police force could possibly have a hand in the missing RM3 million. Hence, the Malaysian IGP was blatantly denying receipt of the money by Malaysian police force, which had been confirmed by his Deputy Prime Minister.

Fact 5

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nur Jazlan has urged the public and families of the four freed Sarawakian sailors to stop focusing on the RM12 million raised for their release.

“When you reveal that such a sum can be raised, about RM3 million for each hostage, then you are encouraging them to go and kidnap again. Stop setting bad examples for future negotiations, if there are any. It will make it worse,” he told Malay Mail Online.

This Deputy Minister from the ruling regime's UMNO political party wanted the people to stop talking even though RM3 million had been siphoned off. The news were everywhere in Malaysia and Philippines. Who would not have known about the RM12 million paid to the Malaysian police but only RM9 million was handed to the kidnappers, ASG? Nur Jazlan was obviously trying to cover up, as opposed to, not interfere with future negotiations, if any. The Deputy Prime Minister himself admitted that the RM12 million was given the police force before it was handled over to an Islamic body in Philippines. 

At this stage, we know that Nur Jazlan was trying to cover up the whole scandal of RM3 million donated money gone missing, whereby Malaysian officials could have benefited from it. It also showed that the Malaysian IGP was lying to say that no ransom was paid. The chief of police, who was in charge of laws and orders, was categorically proven to be lying. The Deputy Prime Minister was only telling half of the truth, if at all.

Yes, the Do Nation military or police was not working on ways to rescue future hostages or prevention of  similar kidnaps, but they were busy with the best ways of handling ransom money for the terrorists.

Do you not find fact 1 to 5 to be contradictory? Yet, it is a common phenomenon in Do Nation. Facts = Fictions. Lies seemed to be acceptable as long as you had some one to cover it up or blew it up. It simply did not matter.

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  1. There is money to be made even in somebody's kidnapping, isn't it? As an intermediary, between the kidnappers and the kidnapped, the police can make a huge commission, perhaps many millions of good rinngits, another government linked company as they say. Malaysia is still a land of opportunities if you come from a bumi culture. Am I right Mr. Igp ?.