Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Ruled by MO1 or Rule of Law ?

We have heard of bizarre news of how 1 man, better known as MO1 (Malaysian Official 1), who happened to be the prime minister of the country and had channeled billions from the country into his personal bank account via a corporate vehicle called 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad). He was alleged to have influenced the murder of several key people in that country. It is equally disturbing to know that supporters of this MO1 are acting in the same manner as him.

Introducing Jamal Yunos. He is the divisional head of Umno (United Malays National Organisation), Sungai Besar, and a known staunch supporter of this MO1. He is a failed businessman with bankrupt grilled fish (Sekinchan Ikan Bakar) restaurant chain. The tripadvisor reviews of this now defunct restaurant is here.

Jamal is leading a group of MO1's supporters called Red Shirts. These supporters are known for their violent acts against anyone that cannot agree with the conduct of MO1. They have kicked, harassed, assaulted and injured several Malaysians in their quest to show support for MO1. However, none of them have been prosecuted in the court by the Malaysian police force and public prosecutor.

A flying kick from a Red Shirt against the supporter
of Bersih 5.0 (a coalition for clean and fair election)

Jamal is also involved in the illegal business of providing hotel services in Sekinchan. When his hotel was closed down by the local council for operating without licence, he made the following claims to justify his illegal business:

  • He applied but the licence was not granted. Hence, he proceeded with the hotel business anyway.
  • The hotel was meant to be a gift to his mother. All his profit is given to his mother. Hence, he was entitled to operate the hotel.
  • There was some unsubstantiated political reason for the local authority to reject his operating licence. However, Jamal himself could not refute the reason given for rejecting his application. Despite that, he went on to operate the hotel.

Jamal 're-opened' his hotel, which had been shut-down and sealed by the local council, on the next day after the hotel closure . He organised a ribbon-cutting ceremony and removed the tape used by the local council to seal the property. “We are now operating,” he declared after the ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by 20 to 30 of his close friends and supporters.

If you could not see much logic behind his arguments, you would not be alone. I could not either. I suspected that his mother could only be ashamed of a son who is prone to illegal activities. Jamal has got away with his 'crime' because he is a much loved supporter of MO1. No police officer dares to touch him without the blessing of MO1. As a result, Jamal is immune to criminal sanctions or kebal (in Malay language). 

Subsequent to the closure of his hotel which has since reopened, Jamal embarked on a new role as a vigilante against any business or premises that, he believes, is operating without the approval of the local council. He 'raided' several premises and was out to show that the local council had also failed to shut down other deemed 'illegal' businesses. The state police chief warned Jamal against taking the laws into his own hands, but no action was taken against him for raiding and harassing the businesses. The police force merely made comments without the courage to act against Jamal because of his backing by MO1.

When the so called elected leader, MO1, is behaving like an emperor of medieval days, his supporters are no less than fierce warlords. This country is no longer governed by the rule of law. It is ruled by MO1. 

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  1. very true indeed! pls reveal all for the whole world to know