Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Malaysia's Got Talent! - Raja Bomoh Sedunia

Malaysia is a truly blessed country. She has a bomoh (shaman) that has been protecting the peace of the country and the welbeing of her people. This is Raja Bomoh Sedunia (World Shaman King), Ibrahim Mat Zin. Please give a round of applause for his hardwork, the peace and welfare enjoyed in Malaysia over the last 70 years

On 12th March 2017, Raja Bomoh was there to protect Malayasia when the country had a tense diplomatic row with North Korea on the alleged assassination of Kim Jong-nam or Kim Chol, the elder brother of the North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Raja Bomoh Sedunia voluntarily performed a ritual to protect Malaysa. He declared, "We don't have modern weapons like (North) Korea. If we go to war with weapons, we will lose. But we use ancient methods to fence the air, the earth and the water, so that missiles will go missing and not reach Malaysia."

He genuinely believed that he was always there when the country needed him.

Please watch the ritual below to understand its intricacy:

You can read more at the below link:

In 2015, he performed another ritual to ease the haze problem when Malaysia was shrouded by it due to the prvalent dry spell. He was truly a 'friend' indeed when Malaysia was in need. Please watch the ritual below:

The Raja Bomoh Sedunia was also the person who tried to find the ill-fated airplane, MH370 of Malaysian Airlines, with his ritual, when the airplane went missing in 2014. Watch the video below on the ritual fully explained by Raja Bomoh Sedunia (in Malay language) himself.

Alternatively, you only have to spend 24 seconds to watch one part of the ritual:

Malaysia has been world famous in recent years for many bizarre , ludicrous and scandalous news. Travel to or stay in Malaysia? Be prepared. Expect the unexpected!


  1. Entertaining, not as strange as the red shirt silat warriors trying to beat each other to death. But you have give credit to stupidity.

  2. This joker has been arrested by religious authorities for doing what he does, joking merrily along just to please our police chief. Why would anyone be afraid of this joker ?

  3. Now they wanted him to apologize in front of a camera, and he did. No big deal, making a mountain out of a molehill, the nincompoops.