Monday, 1 May 2017

Making Malaysia Famous Around the World

To Love is to Marry?
To Love is to Rape so that you can Marry her!

The above remarks may seem ridiculous but that is the philosophy behind the arguments of a Malaysian Islamic court judge turned law-maker, Shabudin Yahaya. He is a strong supporter of prime minister Najib Razak, the leader of the ruling regime in Malaysia, Barisan Nasional (BN) which is dominated by United Malay National Organisation (Umno). Let's see some of his remarks:

"When we discuss 12- and 15-year-olds, we don't see their physical bodies because some children aged 12 or 15, their bodies are like 18-year-old women,... Some girls who reached puberty when they were as young as nine years old. Hence, it was not 'physically and spiritually' a barrier for her to marry."

"There was nothing wrong with a rape victim marrying the rapist as it could serve as a 'remedy' to the increasing number of social problems."

"Although rape is a criminal offence, the rapist and the victim should be given a second chance to turn a new leaf in life."

"Perhaps through marriage they can lead a healthier, better life. And the person who was raped does not necessarily have a bleak future. She will have a husband, at least, and this could serve as a remedy to her."

"The girl (victim) becomes safer when she is married rather than when she is left alone. Don't assume they (rapists) remain bad people,"

Crime of rape can be justified as long as he is willing to marry her. Seriouly? Shabudin Yahaya denied his remarks a few days later by blaming the journalists for misquoting him. "The media has taken his words out of context," he added. 

Shabudin Yahaya got away unscathed despite his upmost immoral and degrading remarks. How would he be misquoted? You can listen to his remarks in Malay here:

You can alternatively listen to the summary below:

Najib Razak might have made Malaysia famous worldwide for the alleged money-laundring cases by his brainchild, 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) the last 2 years.  His lieutenant has certainly made Malaysia famous again for his life philosophy allegedly based on Islam.

Shabudin Yahaya caused quite a stir around the world as you can see below:

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  1. remembered a comment by a state mufti to give incentives to malays to produce more kids, the more the merrier for a larger pool of islamic community