Sunday, 1 October 2017

Malaysian PM for the United States of America

This is the best that Trump, the president of the United States of America (US), can hope for. The prime minister of Malaysia, a relatively small country in Asia, is pledging to strengthen the US's economy.

The people in Malaysia has actually chosen a prime minister who is determined to strengthen the US's economy. So much so that he had to fly almost 24 hours to meet Trump at Washington DC to pronounce his pledge to pump USD20 billion into the US's economy.  Imagine this. The US has a GDP per capita of USD52,000, while Malaysia has a GDP per capita of USD9,000. The US is the world's largest economy with the highest GDP.

GDP per capital

GDP or gross domestic product is a measurement of economic income in a country. Who requires help more?

It was not a trade talk as claimed by the Malaysian mainstream media. It was only a meeting worth 5 minutes and 50 seconds. There was no negotiation or discussion. It was only Najib presenting his pledge to Trump in the interest of the American economy. If you listened closely, Najib was behaving as if he was pledging to his boss what he intended to do, i.e. to strengthen the US's economy.

Trump was happily nodding away and said yes to the pledge by Najib. If you wanted to be cynical, you might have suspected that the content of the pledge was most likely written by Trump's daughter or son in law.

You can alternatively watch it on YouTube at

Najib, who is also known as MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) in an investigation into money laundering by the  US Department of Justice, is pledging USD3-4 billion to help Trump's infrastructure projects. The most famous infrastructure project by Trump is the wall that will divide the US and Mexico. Who say the Americans or the Mexicans are paying for the wall after all? 

Its Malaysians paying for the much publicized wall by Trump!!

Are you embarrassed as a Malaysian?


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  2. malaysians r truly embarrassed n furious cos it is not make malaysia great again but to make america great which usa is already great. where to hide our face???