Saturday, 18 November 2017

How Rude can a Prime Minister be ?

There are about 195 countries in the world today. Many current and former leaders of these countries are statesmen or stateswomen, with the exception of some less than honourable or even rude leaders. In the lastest news, 1 leader of these countries has recently distinguished himself and stood out to be crude and vulgar in the public forum. Najib Razak, the prime minister of Malaysia has surely carved a reputation for himself as an unrefined person with low-minded characters. You can watch the following video, courtesy of Johor Times, to ascertain the facts stated:

Najib started by calling the opposition leader, Mahathir Mohamed, with vulgar phrase 'Kepala Bapa Kau'. It literally means Your Father's Head. It is a phrase deemed very rude, crude and vulgar (bahasa kasar) in Malay language. Najib admitted that the phrase 'Kepala Bapa Kau' was 'bahasa kasar'. He was unapologetic and said 'Kepala Bapa Kau' deliberately, even though he followed that phrase with 'sorry' with an unconvincing grin.

Ex-patriates and tourists in Malaysia are strictly advised against using 'Kepala Bapa Kau' in their communication with any of the locals, matters not their ethnicity. It is a commonly known unacceptable 'bahasa kasar' in Malaysia.

The prime minister went on to use 'stupid' to describe Mahathir and the opposition alliance. He re-emphasied his use of 'stupid' by calling Mahathir 'bodoh'. Stupid can be best used to describe the Malay word 'bodoh'.

A Chinese food restaurant in London Chinatown, Wong Kei, once known as the rudest restaurant in London, made rude manner as a way of attracting customers. "How rude do you think your waiter can be?" was their tagline. Malaysian tourism ministry should immediately promote Malaysian prime minister as an attraction to tourists around the world. They must catch a glimpse of this man, probably the rudest prime minster in the world. "How rude do you think our PM can be?" should be a Malaysian tagline.

Najib is no ordinary leader. He is one self-claimed moderate Muslim in international forum that is hard to come by and constantly perplexing many Malaysians. Despite his self-claim, he is quietly supportive of other leaders in his party who are behaving in violent manners and disregard for the rule of law. There have been many allegations of corruption, money laundering, murders surrounding the leadership of Najib.

Please watch the below if you can not play the above video:

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  1. very rare to find a pm with no class n integrity. malaysia semua bolih