Friday, 1 December 2017

The Emperor's New Clothes

Golf is a sport. It is not a sport that everyone can play well. However, the people around you may give you the wrong impressions that you are a fantastic player.

Let's watch Video 1:

You would have thought Najib Razak is natural talent in golf when you heard the applauds and cheers from the people surrounding him. He was so good that he deserved a selfie from one of his fans.

Now, let's watch Video 2:

You would see a totally different situation in video 2. Najib Razak was given chances to repeat his putting again and again to give him a much need applaud for his 'success' finally. Video 2 showed his poor golfing skill but the people around him clapped loudly and cheered regardless.

Video 2 would have reminded you of the Danish story of The Emperor's New Clothes, or The Emperor Has No Clothes. Why would it not?

This is that kind of life that you wish to lead?

In the event that you can't watch the above videos. The alternatives are below:

Video 1:

Video 2 (is not as complete as the above Video 2):


  1. playing at the expense of rakyats' money? more like an amatuer

  2. Is he and his gang playing during working hours.???