Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Rafizi's Sacrifices Must Not be Lost or Wasted

Rafizi Ramli is a popular politician in Malaysia who is in opposition party. He gained his fame after exposing about the case of fund abuse in National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) whereby the funds, granted by the ruling government to develop sustainable Malaysian beef industry, were channeled to purchase properties for personal gains. RM250 million was spent on purchase of properties in neighbouring country, Singapore, and high-end residential condominiums in Malaysia. The term 'cow condo' became an instant hit when NFC could not explain why high-end residential condominiums were required in rearing cows. Perhaps, only in Malaysia that cows stay in the condominiums to produce better quality beef. Japanese Wagyu or Kobe beef certainly cannot beat this Malaysian condo beef!

NFC was operated by the family of Wanita Umno head Shahrizat Jalil, whose husband Mohamed Salleh Ismail chaired the company’s board of directors, which included the couple’s children. Umno is the dominant party of the ruling regime, Barisan Nasional, in Malaysia.

Since the exposure of this NFC scandals in 2011, more selfless Malaysians sent Rafizi information in relation to NFC abuses for him to substantiate and expand his initial exposure. As expected of the country under a kleptocratic government (government ruled by thieves), Rafizi's heroic exposure landed him in prison on 7 February 2018. The selfless whistleblower, Johari Mohamad, supporting Rafizi was also jailed by the government. On the other hand, Shahrizat and her family members were found to be free from all crimes.

Unlike politicians in Umno, Rafizi is a selfless politician who is in politics not for money but for the overall good of the country. It does not pay to be a good person in Malaysia?

Please listen to his last speech as a free man before his imprisonment:

Rafizi had a stable high income job when he decided to join politics. It is believed that his standard of living deteriorated after joining politics, and worse still, he is now jailed for exposing a thoroughly absurd scandal on abuse of government funds. He was the top student in Malay College, Kuala Kangsar which is a top institution in Malaysia to educate and train capable Malays.

Rafizi is a hero in Malaysian politics and his sacrifices will be remembered by Malaysians for many years to come. The sacrifices of Rafizi and Johari must not be lost or wasted in the hand of kleptocracy. Malaysians must rise and vote against this government ruled and controlled by thieves.

You can find out more about Rafizi in his own website: http://rafiziramli.com/about/

The Malay version of his speech as made before his imprisonment:

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