Monday, 2 April 2018

40% = 2/3 What kind of maths is this?

Gerrymandering has gained a new name in Malaysia. It has hit a record-breaking level. Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak, who is also known as MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) around the world after being made famous by the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the United States of America (US), has instructed his Election Commission (EC) to re-delineate boundaries of various electoral constituencies to benefit his coalition, Barisan Nasional (BN) which is dominated by his party United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). He has changed the rules of election. With his EC's changes, BN will win 2./3 majority with just 40% of the votes. Who else can hit it this low?

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Najib was constantly complaining of foreign influence in Malaysian affairs when DOJ or Swiss authorities released news on 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad). 1MDB is known worldwide for its involvement in money laundering and corruption cases. Najib has repeatedly request his countrymen to stand united and support him in the face of so called foreign influence. On the contrary, he has been seeking foreign help in maintaining his power and ruling his country. In addition to British firm, Cambridge Analytica, Najib is believed to have sought the help of Russians, who allegedly helped Trump to win his US's presidency, to assist him in Najib's effort to win the next general election in Malaysia that must be held in the next few months.

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Najib's election propaganda bears the same message as Trump's US presidential campaign. Najib uses the phrase Make My Country Great (Hebatkan Negaraku), while Trump's slogan was Make America Great Again. There are plenty of evidence pointing to Trump engaging the Russians and the British firm, Cambridge Analytica in his campaign. It is not surprising that the same bunch of people manipulating the social media, influencing voters, etc are now working for Najib. Najib has cash (from 1MDB) and he can pay (because it is not his money). These manipulators are happy to work for Najib.

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