Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Long Live Democracy !

Democracy can ensure peaceful transition of power between different leaders.

In the transition of leaders, democracy allows the people to vote and decide who should be the leaders.

Democracy can ensure better check and balance. The poor performing leaders can be voted out of power.

With check and balance, it is hoped that a better government can be installed. By virtue of democracy and well chosen good leaders, the government should ensure economic success and better civil liberty in the country. 

Democracy however does not guarantee good leaders, look at Trump, the USA.

Democracy does not guarantee honest and clean leaders, look at Trump, the USA.

Democracy usually ensure relatively good leaders and their replacements. 
Look at South Korea. Despite all the scandals and corruption throughout its history, the country is economically strong and advanced.

Without democracy, it does not mean bad leaders, look at Deng Xiaoping, China.

With partial democracy, it does not mean bad leaders. Look at Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore.

Without democracy or with dysfunctional democracy, the country usually ends up with relatively bad leaders. Examples are plenty.

Without democracy, change of power usually ends up with civil wars, violence and bloodshed because those in power will never let go without a brutal fight. Dictators always want to stay on to ensure more wealth and power to benefit their selfish interests.

The conclusion is that democracy is likely to bring about, but will not guarantee, wellbeing of people and economic success. On the contrary, without democracy, you can be quite sure of economic slump, suppressed people and civil violence when the people rise against the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of one or several dictators.

The people are better off with democracy! Vote to ensure democracy stays alive in your country!!

Democracy returned to Malaysia on 9th May 2018 with the historical  win by the opposition coalition. The ruling regime, Barisan Nasional, which had been in power for 61 years, was overwhelmingly voted out by the people despite the regime's blatant gerrymandering and abuse of electoral processes. It is widely known in the country as the 'Malaysian Tsunami'. Malaysians now hope that 2 party system will stay to provide the checks and balances on the government with executive power. Those in power must respect the wish of the people. May Malaysians get a better managed country that they deserve!


  1. Trump is much better than Hilary, the corrupted . sadly in malaysia democracy is dead. this ge14 , it will be a revival

    1. Keep calm and wait for the truth. Time will tell who is corrupted